Saturday, April 11, 2009

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Press Conference! What a scene!!
An unknown past

Press Conference! What a scene!!

8th April 2009 (Wednesday)

It's a festival, a festival~
This is the hotel where the press conference took place.
Things are happening now!!
Kaname-san, Okada-san, Mukai-san, Yamamoto-san, Seto-san,
Okayama-kun, Tsuruno-san, Nagayama-san, Kusakari-san and Takashima-san
attended the press conference.
It was a harmonious atmosphere with everyone getting along well quickly (*laugh*)
Reporters from every newspaper came.
Thank you very much!!
(AtaDan Blue)

An unknown past?

8th April 2009 (Wednesday)

Yellow here.
Filming Horikita Maki-san today...
For 'Bessatsu Margaret'!
Actually in this Bessatsu Margaret,
Sensei Mizuno will turn the 'Episode 0'
which is not in the original story into a manga.
Horikita-san as well as Chisato's past!? It'll be really interesting.
The first part will be sold before the first episode on the 13th and the second part will go on sale 13th of May.
The second one will include an interview with Horikita-san.
Check it out!

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