Thursday, April 09, 2009

Atashinchi no Danshi
Press Conference

Horikita Maki, playing role of mother at 20 "Surprised at how quick it was."

The press conference for Fuji TV's drama 'Atashinchi no Danshi' starring actress Horikita Maki was held on the 8th (Wednesday) in Tokyo. Horikita and the rest of the cast were in attendance. Horikita who just reached adulthood in October last year said of her role playing mother to 6 brothers,"I just turned 20 about half a year ago and I was thinking I wanted to try playing a mother role. I'm surprised at how quickly I was given the chance to do it."

In the drama, Horikita plays the main character whose mother passed away when she was young and ends up homeless trying to escape from her father's 100 million yen debt. The president of a big company agrees to shoulder her debt on the condition that she marries him. While living as a 'pseudo-family' with her 6 eccentric & good-looking adopted sons, all unrelated by blood, the bonds between them strengthen in this situation comedy. "Through this drama, I would like people to think about what 'love' is," said second son Okada Yoshinori, as enthusiastically as the character of the old-school delinquent he is playing.

Besides being a mother, this is the first time Horikita is tackling a homeless role. "I'm very happy being able to do different roles." As expected from filming in an all-male household, "Lined up, everyone is so tall, I feel surrounded by them." When asked about who she would choose among her 6 peculiar ikemen sons, "As a son, probably Masaru (4th son played by Yamamoto Yusuke). A mother would be happy having her son be a charisma model," she said, already demonstrating the manner of a doting parent.

The other cast members in attendance were Mukai Osamu, Yamamoto Yusuke, Seto Koji, Tsuruno Takeshi, Nagayama Kento, Okayama Tomoki, Kaname Jun, Kusakari Masao and Takashima Reiko. Atashinchi no Danshi starts on the 14th of April (Tuesdays) at 9 o'clock on Fuji TV (the first episode is extended by 10 minutes).


Maki's favourite son d(゜ー゜)o Very 'Stayin Alive'. And that youngest son, he's dressed like a mini Kayashima.

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