Saturday, April 11, 2009

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Okura Family Squadron

Okura Family Squadron
8th April 2009 (Wednesday)

Hello everyone.
Okura Family Squadron Member No.1 AtaDan Blue here!
Atashinchi no Danshi starts on 14th April (Tuesday), yoroshiku onegai shimasu!!
The first episode is longer by 10 minutes.

So, why is the blog title 'Okura Family Squadron'...
Actually, right to the end, this was one of the choices for the drama's title.
It's a lot different to AtaDan but
we like this too.
So we use it as our blog title (*laugh*)
Just like the Okura Family with their different personalities, so are the Okura Family Squadron.
What do all of you think?
I'd be happy if everyone likes it.

8th April 2009 (Wednesday)

Hello, Member No.2, Red here.
This the Bat-san which is on the set of AtaDan.
These demon-like bats are at the main sets of the Okura Family home and the toy company Miracle.
There many many other types besides this one.
This is located at the corner of the alcove in the living room.
Look forward to the AtaDan art club on the set!
Please look for the other bats when it's on-air.

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