Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Atashinchi no Danshi
Sixth Son

Character Introduction
Okura Akira (12)

A brainy junior high school student.
Makes his living by trading stock on the net, also good at hacking when he wants to.
Although still a child, he is very level-headed. Looks down on his brothers, assessing them, the ultimate brazen kid.
On school, he says, "I'm on way different level than everyone," so he doesn't attend much. Actually, because of his self-important behaviour, he is bullied in school.
He gets sleepy after 9 and when in a predicament, suffers from diarrhoea, there are still aspects of him which are of a child.
He calls Chisato incompetent but...

Message from Okayama Tomoki-san
Pleased to meet you. This is Okayama Tomoki, playing the role of the 6th son, Okura Akira. I'm playing the role of this brazen child but I will do my best. Please cheer me on.

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