Friday, May 09, 2008

Boo !

Alrite, I'm close to smashing some violins myself now.
I'm pretty easy-going, the net is an open place, images are distributed around, information is shared. Translations take some time but heck, pass it around too.

But what really, really pisses me off is when some punk copy paste your translations and pass them off as her own.



I dunno..this might be fun..might not..ILL TRY~!

YUSUKE'S PERSONAL BLOG!..i shall upload orignal versoin and translated..incase me translation is..BAD.. ^^"

Try what ? Copy-pasting is an art now ?
Even if they were freakin god-awful BAD, don't pretend you did them.

I'm gonna sleep it off.

On Friday, May 09, 2008 8:53:00 AM, Anonymous Murii wrote...

I take mao staff diary but I always credit you, 'cause I know that is a lot of work :) thanks like always!


On Friday, May 09, 2008 12:55:00 PM, Anonymous angry-jen wrote...

OMG...that's so cruel of her. I've seen the blog through the url that you gave me and its exactly the same as your translation!not edited!

I know how you feel..hope you're feeling better after you sleep it off.

*angry that someone hurt geek*


On Friday, May 09, 2008 4:03:00 PM, Anonymous princess_jime wrote...

Some people have no shame. Incredible. Since she took all the trouble to copy and paste it would be nothing to actually credit your work properly, but since she didn't she lets the world know she's a mean spirited thief. Let's hope someone in that group sets the record straight.
Dear geek, don't let stuff like this put you off, for the one rotten apple in the basket, there's 100 more apples that are good (and incredibly grateful) for your translations!


On Friday, May 09, 2008 9:15:00 PM, Anonymous grumpy wrote...

"YUSUKE'S PERSONAL BLOG!..i shall upload orignal versoin and translated..incase me translation is..BAD.. ^^"

puh-lease!!! if her english is THAT bad, as if she can translate to perfect english like Geek always does!!


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