Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ishigaki Yuma
Apology for drunken assault

Ishigaki Yuma, apology for drunken assault "I was naive."
18th November 2008

Actor Ishigaki Yuma (26), arrested for assault and obstruction of police duties, was interviewed by the press. "It was my inexperience and naivety. I want to start over again from the beginning. I am sorry," he apologized. Ishigaki was at home drinking with his friends from 11:30pm on the 14th. They then went to a bar in Kabukicho and continued eating and drinking. He paid, then sometime later, realized his wallet was missing. At about 5:40am on the 15th, he went back to the bar to look for his wallet and had a dispute with the staff. He hit a staff member twice in the head and went voluntarily with police officers to a police station in Shinjuku. He then started struggling and kicked a police officer's face, resulting in a cut to his lips. He was then arrested for obstruction of police duties. Ishikagi is suspending himself from any work for the time being.


tennouji battered.jpg

Tennouji gone wild ! Joking aside, give the guy a break. What's with those self-righteous looks on the reporters faces ?!





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