Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"I can" before Mr. Obama

Karina 「I can」 before Mr. Obama
9th November 2008

Model and actress Karina (24) held a handshake event on the 8th at Fukuya Bookstore in Ginza to commemorate the sale of her first photo essay 'I can.' How she became a model at 15 and the various work she did on her journey to being a pro are included inside. "The contents include material which I have never mentioned in interviews before." When she's doing work she has no confidence in, "I can. I can do it." That's what she tells herself to fire herself up, and the meaning behind the title. On next term's US President, Obama's repeated slogan of "Yes, we can," Karina said, "I had started using it earlier."

Video footage

香里奈「I can」オバマ氏より私が先

モデルで女優の香里奈(24)が初のフォトエッセー「I can.」(幻冬舎)を出版し8日、東京・福家書店銀座店で握手会を開いた。15歳の時、誘われるままに何となくモデルを始めたが、さまざまな仕事を通じてプロ意識に目覚めていく過程を記した。「今までのインタビューでも、ここまでは話していないという内容がある」。仕事で自信がない時に、「I can.私はできる」と自分を奮い立たせたことから、書名を付けたという。オバマ次期米大統領が繰り返した「YES、WE CAN」と重なるが、香里奈は「私の方が先に使い始めてます」と強調した。

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On Friday, November 14, 2008 8:08:00 PM, Anonymous Jen wrote...

yahhoo!! thanx geek for featuring Karina..I've read this article and watched the video of the I Can essay book release but I'm glad you post it up!. She's so pretty!!


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