Friday, February 04, 2011

Kitagawa Keiko for Cyber-shot Keitai S006

On 3rd February, actress Kitagawa Keiko (24) attended the CM presentation for Sony Ericsson's Cyber-shot Keitai S006. Besides its touch panel and high-speed telecommunications functions, the mobile phone comes equipped with a 16.2 million pixel camera. In the new commercial that starts airing on the 5th, Kitagawa showed off various facial expressions with the theme of 'self-taken photos' and 'photos taken of oneself'. "During the shoot, I was asked to look like the photos were taken by a lover or someone I liked. It made me feel embarrassed but I'm glad they turned out well," she commented shyly. Singer Naoto Inti Raymi also attended the presentation and sang the CM song 'Ima no Kimi o Wasurenai'.

CM Making

CM Presentation



Keiko looks good in the CM, looks good in the making, so why the heck does she look like Falkor during the presentation?!

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