Monday, January 10, 2011

Japan Trip 2010
Day 9

Tenryu-ji Temple and Fushimi Inari

This was one of our memorable days. We got lost. Or became adventurous? Lol~

Tenryu-ji Temple (entrance 500Y).

Before walking through Fushimi Inari (free entrance), we had lunch.

[Ebi set + Karaage set + 2 Coffee = 1800Y]

Initially we were on the right track, there were few but we could see other visitors around. Red everywhere.

For some unknown reason, we decided to take the road less travelled when we reached the top. Even after hearing 2 guys behind us saying "Kowai...", then they turned back. Maybe we were the scary ones. So we trudged on along the path, with no one in sight.

unleash: Hmm where are we?

We were already too far ahead to turn back, so we just moved forward. Then finally we were out of the woods.

And into someone's backyard? We met a bunch of ojii-sans and asked them for directions. When we showed them our map, they said we were waaaaay out of it. How do we get to the nearest train station? Just walk straight, follow the road and we should be there in 20 mins.

So we walked as directed, then passed by a high school. The school bell rang and then kids started streaming out. Great! They must be going to the train station right? Let's just follow them...

I told unleash... hey what if we follow them and their homes are just around this area, and they're not taking the train? They're gonna start saying "bye bye" to each other soon! Guess what... that really did happen LOL. We started hearing "Ja ne. Mata ashita ne," from them, and slowly the big groups began to dissolve. We saw a traffic policeman and asked directions from him. Ok, we were on the right track. Continued walking... now there's more than just one lane to walk. Finally, unleash asked directions from a group of high school boys in English. One of them stepped out and said "Over here, this way," in fluent English, pointing us in the right direction. We heard his friends behind him praising "Kakkoi ne~" lol. Yes, very kakkoi indeed. The boys kept turning back to make sure that we didn't veer toward some other road, turned out they were taking the same train as us. Thanks for helping us!

We got to the station safely. Had dinner before heading back to the hotel.

[Sushi = 1029Y]

[Sashimi with rice = 1000Y]


On Tuesday, January 11, 2011 2:52:00 PM, Anonymous Mark wrote...

Thanks for reminding me of a wonderful day I spent a Fushimi Inari ~ I got so lost as well. I went puffing all the way to the top the "back way" and then came down easily on the proper route up while the hordes passed me huffing and puffing. :) The bamboo forest and all the red in your pictures bring back a fond memory.


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