Friday, May 28, 2010

Mizobata Junpei in a Box

28th May 2010

On the 27th, Mizobata Junpei (20) and Aibu Saki (24) attended the end-of-filming announcement for the movie NECK (opens 21st August) in Tokyo. The story revolves around a machine which manufactures ghosts, a 'kyun horror' movie.

Mizobata made his entrance on stage in the box, only his head could be seen. He commented later, "After filming for about a minute in the box, it was a relief being able to have a change of clothes, and seeing Aibu-san again made my heart go 'kyun kyun'."


Mizobata Junpei and Aibu Saki to star in NECK


26th May 2010
Mizobata Junpei will make women cry?
In the variety program Haran Bakusho (NTV) where Mizobata is one of the hosts, a popular fortuneteller gave his divine insights regarding Mizobata. Mizobata Junpei is the type of guy "who'll make the girl cry", and "although he'll get married, it'll definitely end in a divorce". Listening to those harsh words, Mizobata was silent and kept shaking his head in protest. However, the fortuneteller also predicted, "If you put this guy (Mizobata) in a TV program, the audience ratings will go up."

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