Saturday, November 06, 2010

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5th November 2010

Iyaa the chilly weather is here already.
I've got a nasal voice, otherwise I'm healthy.
While I'm familiar with the cold here, I'll be going to Cambodia where the weather's hot.

These days there's a movie and CM, and a few days back I made an appearance in a variety programme, there's a commotion as always.
The new CM will be open to the public soon☆

This time the CM for SUBARU is for a different car model from the previous one, it's the Forester!
Near my home there's a SUBARU showroom where there's a poster of myself, it makes me feel kinda weird...

Then yesterday was a full day of PR.

The stageplay where I'm the lead actor 'The Shape of Things', you can make ticket reservations! Please refer to the previous blog entry by the staff member~


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-Lora formerly luraaa (forgot to tell you that)


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