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Juui Dolittle
Narimiya Hiroki Interview

Q. What do you think about the script?
I think the drama reflects on people through the lives of animals.
It's a medical drama where life and death are at stake, it's about love, friendship and betrayal. Every episode will deliver different types of emotion, and through them all, these feelings will be conveyed through caring for the animals. It will be a heartwarming medical drama.
Pet owners regard their pets as their own children, I guess it's that type of feeling.
Appearing together with Oguri, acting as rivals, this relationship between Dolittle and Hanabishi is something new for me, so I thought "Working with Oguri in this role might be good... I'll have a go at this character!"

Q. The role of Hanabishi.
Playing the part of a rival, I'll do it as one who's envious and wants to defeat him. In contrast, Dolittle doesn't have the same sentiments towards Hanabishi. Hanabishi is not a competitor in love either. Dolittle is a good, understanding person who makes for a good rival. I think there's a part of them that respect each other.
The producer said that he'd like 'Juui Dolittle' to be a heartwarming drama that deals with small lives. After a discussion of what I perceived my character was in regards to Dolittle, he said "It's a little bit different, but let's do it!".
The staff has been very careful about writing the script to display Hanabishi's sensitive emotions, I think from now on I'll enjoy playing the part!

Q. What's the difference between Dolittle and Hanabishi?
Dolittle is 'tsundere' [laugh]. He might look scary, but he's actually gentle.
Hanabishi isn't like that. His outward emotions tell you what he's feeling inside, and he says what he feels.
Dolittle is reticent, and sometimes hurts people with his words, but Hanabishi will say the things that you want to hear. I guess girls might regard him as the "ideal boyfriend"? He'd be considered as the ideal gentleman.

Q. Any common characteristics between Oguri Shun and Dolittle?
I think he's exactly like that!
He's the type that would be shy at first, there's a barrier. But beneath that he's friendly, warm and can be a great buddy... I think the gap is similar!

Q. Is this the first time you're acting with Inoue Mao?
We've passed by each other in the studio, but it's the first time we're acting together.
We were introduced through Oguri [laugh]. Sitting across each other, he said "This is Narimiya. This is Mao-chan." It felt like an omiai (formal marriage interview) [laugh].
She was shy at first, but these days she's opening up on her own without anyone asking her to [laugh].

Q. Do you like animals?
I do. I like them, but to care for one myself, I'll keep thinking about it and become afraid if I'm able to be a good owner or not. When they're home, I keep thinking if I should put a camera in the house [laugh].
Sometime back I thought of keeping a serval cat, I got as far as preparing a cage for it. I wasn't confident that I could love it like my own child, so I decided against it.
So far, I've had a few pets. A shepherd, a doberman, an American shorthair, a black cat, a hamster, a waterdragon, tropical fish. Right now there's only a decorative plant [laugh]. It's not that I don't like them. I can handle the animal scenes well!
At the time when I had many pets, I had to be careful to be fair to all of them. Even pets get jealous. I thought "They can't be like that," but there were those which went to the extent of sulking [laugh].
"What would touching an animal feel like?" I thought as a child. I was able to explore freely, and keeping them as pets, it has made me understand the importance of life.

Q. What is the highlight of Juui Dolittle?
The determined and gentle Hanabishi Sensei.
He's haunted by a trauma, and he's trying to face it, but it's difficult to overcome it... that's the role I'm portraying.
It's a new role that is challenging to me.
I made my debut working together with Shun a while back, it's been a while but we're able to encourage each other, and I think this will make the drama a good one.
The first episode of Juui Dolittle that airs on Sunday, 17 October at 9pm will be an 80 minute special! Don't miss it!

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On Tuesday, October 19, 2010 6:30:00 PM, Anonymous Aidathecatowner wrote...

She was shy at first, but these days she's opening up on her own without anyone asking her to [laugh].

hahha.. this is very mao-chan like.. ^__^


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