Sunday, October 10, 2010

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Broadcast of 'Golden Cast'

8th October 2010

Thanks to everyone who watched 'Golden Cast' the other day♪

I'm not used to appearing in variety programs, so I was nervous.
With MCs Sawamura Ikki-san, Hayami Mokomichi-san and Ariyoshi Hiroiki-san, I had an enjoyable conversation.
Midway through, there was a VTR message from the cast of 'Juui Dolittle', and soon after recording was over☆

Mokomichi-san's handmade sweets were really delicious!
I had a "tomato and soy jelly".
The presentation was also beautiful, it really looked like the work of a famous pâtissier.
I was really happy with the recipe as I love tomatoes.

This photo was taken in a hotel room with a lovely night view, it was gorgeous and I had a wonderful time♪

Thank you very much to everyone from the 'Golden Cast'!

In a hotel room with Mokomichi, it must have been wonderful (><)

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