Friday, May 07, 2010

Shinagawa Daichi Blog
A Day of Stride

6th May 2010 22:57

The full picture of today's
Mysterious event...


Like this

A new product for Cadbury
A campaign for a gum called 'Stride'

Many people gathered
For the huge scale event

I was glad

Thank you

The great long-lasting flavour you get with Stride
Do try it out


Not as Shinagawa Daichi
Not as Narimiya Hiroki

This has been a Monkey.

6th May 2010 15:14

The end~



Collecting data for anan

This has been Shinagawa Daichi.

6th May 2010 12:31
Before the Transformation

Soon in Shinjuku
I'll be there

Yet to be transformed

This has been Shinagawa Daichi.

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