Thursday, July 23, 2009

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For basketball...☆

23rd July 2009 (Thursday)

Hello niku here.

Iyaa~ the days have just passed by.

The filming location was at the gym today and there was a stylish banner made by an artist so click.

Born for basketball... Cool.
I think it will appear some time in the future, so look forward to it.

It's been awhile since many assembled together at a location shoot and everyone looked like they had fun.
It's great, great to see the smiles on everyone's faces despite the hard schedule.

Well then, see you.


niku posted this at about 3am Thursday morning, so the gym filming was actually on Wednesday.
Anyway no buns today. Cheerleaders.

Cheerleader Komatsu Ayaka celebrating her 23rd birthday on the gym set.

Cheerleaders Hotaru and Sayuri (from girl group Sherry) posing with poster.

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