Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Most Played Song of 2009

On 8th December, KDDI and Label Gate released the top 100 most frequently played songs on au's LISMO Chaku Uta Full service. The survey period was from 1st December 2008 to 30th November 2009. The ranking tracks the history of songs played from LISMO's music play list sharing service Utatomo of roughly 1.5 million users totalling 1 billion playbacks.

*Utatomo is a music communication service that searches for another person who is listening to the same music and has similar tastes. The service also creates a play list, performs test listening and facilitates the downloading of music.
*Chaku Uta Full lets users select and download their favorite tunes from compatible sites on i-mode. The service also allows users to set part of the tune to be played as a Chaku Uta ringing song. Users can also download album jacket art and other images with the song.

Top 20 Most Played Songs of 2009

20. Soba ni Iru ne by Aoyama Thelma feat.SoulJa
19. Setsuna by GReeeeN
18. ORION by Nakashima Mika
17. Tobira by GReeeeN
16. Ichibu to Zenbu by B'z
15. Share The World by Tohoshinki
14. Ai Uta by GReeeeN
13. Kimi ni Aitakunaru Kara by Nishino Kana
12. Uso by SID
11. Ayumi by GReeeeN

10. Aitai by Kato Miliyah
9. Himawari by Yusuke
8. Shunkashuto by Hilcrhyme
7. Love Forever by Kato Miliyah and Shimizu Shota
6. Sunao ni Naretara by JUJU feat.Spontania
5. Ti Amo by EXILE
4. Haruka by GReeeeN
3. Ashita ga Kuru Nara by JUJU with JAY'ED
2. 366 Nichi by HY
1. Kiseki by GReeeeN

KDDI will present an Utatomo Award trophy to GReeeeN for topping the list of Most Played Songs of 2009. Starting from this year, KDDI will also present a Newcomer Award and the first winner is Hilcrhyme.



On Wednesday, December 09, 2009 6:59:00 PM, Anonymous jandoe wrote...

well deserved. GreeeeN is awesome!


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