Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Narumi Riko's competitive streak at card games

On 8th December, actress Narumi Riko (17) attended a press conference at Shibuya for NHK's period drama 'Sakuya Konohana' which starts 9th January next year (every Saturday at 7:30).

She plays the lead role as a character who loves Hyakunin Isshu from the late Edo Period. The drama follows her journey as she joins a karuta tournament and advances in the competition. "I've been playing cards since I was young. I hate losing and I'd play while blood drips from my hands," she commented, revealing a surprising side to her.

This is the first appearance in a historical drama for Narumi as well as her co-star Hiraoka Yuta (25), who plays a ronin. "My character is pretty cruel to the heroine. It's not like the nice guy roles I've done so far. It's a new challenge for me playing such an aggressive man," said Hiraoka.



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