Friday, December 18, 2009

Hairstyle Ranking 2009

Best Salon revealed the top 10 hairstyles of 2009 as voted by users. The poll was conducted at its hairstyle section Best Salon Hairstyle. Best Salon is an internet portal where users can look up beauty-related services available nationwide.

Hairstyle Ranking 2009 - Female

10. Orange Summer Style [167 Votes]

9. Hairstyle that makes your face appear smaller [214 Votes]

8. Heavy bangs and slight perm [229 Votes]

7. Shiny bob that hugs your face line [272 Votes]

6. Fits any type of hair and face shape [277 Votes]

5. Natural looking tousled short hairstyle [308 Votes]

Maki-Dango Wig Hair Attachment @ J-List

4. Geometric sides [320 Votes]

3. Airy Bob [513 Votes]

2. Long hair that just needs mousse [581 Votes]

1. Cute hair like Kinoshita Yukina [1534 Votes]

If you go to the ranking site, you can find out where to get the cut, what type of hair and face shape suits the hairstyle, what kind of image it's supposed to convey etc.


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