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They were related after all...

16th December 2009

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Last week I was completely absorbed with filming!

The photo is an image of Asada Aoi on Bloody Monday. 2 years have passed, and her clothes too, have to show that she has grown up a little bit ☆. For filming of "Shukumei", I have wavy hair, there's the feeling of being a lady from a high-class family (ojousama). Aoi, on the other hand, is naive and stiff, she gives off an 'uptight' feeling. The clothes and hair are important to help produce the specific role ne.

In addition to the 2 works, I'm also working on Fuji TV's "Shieiken BABY"♪

The other day, a group of 3 people sat across me in the train. Slowly they took their handheld games out and quickly became engrossed in it. I was wondering if they knew one another as they were not talking at all. Then I noticed, at one point all 3 were laughing at the same time. Which means they were battling it out in their games! On the surface, they seemed to be strangers but they were actually together in the game!!

The world is changing in different ways ne [laugh].

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