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Inoue Mao
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2nd November 2009

A Message from Horiuchi Keiko-san

[Entry by Mao's Manager]

Inoue Mao-sama

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I did not have many scenes

But in one very important scene, I felt quite nervous.

The staff were in tears as they watched Mao-san performing during rehearsal, I thought that she was a really great actress.

In another scene during filming, I overheard Okada-san and Hosoda-san talking, "That princess (hime), I wonder if she has a boyfriend... We don't really hear much about it..." The way the boys spoke about her was adorable.

Maybe we'll meet again for future work.

I look forward to reading your blog.

Horiuchi Keiko

3rd November 2009

The Mother of Kou-kun

Horiuchi Keiko-san

Thank you for the message!

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That kneeling scene

Feeling empathy for Mayu, I heard that many people shed their tears as well.

Horiuchi-san's role too, her feelings were clearly and skillfully portrayed.

It was such a heart-rending scene

Because it was about the fragility of life

I thought deeply about that scene.


Not only during filming, but at rehearsals too

Always, large drops of tears would continue flowing.

Having played various roles in many dramas, Horiuchi-san was able to portray the role well.

In fact, I wanted the speech to be slower

So that the scene becomes more intense

My youth? Because I'm quite nervous around strangers,
I wasn't able to share my thoughts about it

I'm sorry

I would be glad to work with you again

Horiuchi-san, thank you very much!!

4th November 2009


HUG was watching herself on 'Tensai! Shimura Doubutsu En'

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HUG began to watch as soon as she made her appearance

Was it a face of satisfaction!?

Or... a disappointed face because of the parts edited out?

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Once her appearance was over

She fell asleep beside me

I thought that she did well

Maybe she's lying down because she's satisfied

You've done well ne! I patted her head gently.

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