Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Buzzer Beat
Volume 6

Hatano Shuuji: Mizobata Junpei-san's Birthday!

On the 14th of June, Mizobata Junpei who plays the role of Hatano Shuuji as a pro basketball player for the JC ARCS team on Buzzer Beat ~Gakeppuchi no Hero~ celebrated his 20th birthday.

His JC ARCS team mates, Kamiya Naoki (Yamashita Tomohisa), Yoyogi Ren (Kaneko Nobuaki), Moriguchi Shuto (Aoki Munetaka) and captain Utsunomiya Toru (Nagai Masaru) gave him a birthday surprise.

Mizobata was touched as he received a bouquet of flowers and presents from Yamashita.

"It is refreshing to celebrate with this uniform on. I was happy although the celebration was just as guys. When I met everyone in the morning, they said things like 'You're 20 now', 'You can drink ne'. Everyone was such good big brothers. I feel like I've joined the adult world. Now that I'm 20, I aspire... I wonder what it is? But what I aspire for this drama is that my shoots will be accurate and to be a regular player [laugh]."

Mizobata-san, congratulations!!

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