Thursday, May 28, 2009

ROOKIES final event before premiere

Enthusiastic final event before ROOKIES premiere
27th May 2009

Lead actor Sato Ryuta (29) attended the [ROOKIES Fes Graduation Eve] in Tokyo on 27th May. It is the final event before the premiere opening of [ROOKIES -Graduation-] on the 30th. In the first of its kind trial for a Japanese film, 12000 tickets that went on sale on the 1st of this month were sold out in 2 minutes. "I am delighted so many people came to welcome us," said Sato with a smile, greeting the audience. Besides live performances by kimaguren and flumpool, Ichihara Hayato (22), Takaoka Sousuke (27) and Shirota Yuu (23) were among the cast who attended.

「ROOKIES Fes 卒業前夜祭」が27日、都内で行われ、主演の佐藤隆太(29)らが出席した。30日封切りの映画「ROOKIES-卒業-」公開前の最後のイベント。邦画では初の試みだ。1万2000枚のチケットは今月1日、発売後2分で完売。「こんなに大勢の前で温かく迎え入れてもらってうれしい」と佐藤は笑顔であいさつした。ドラマが始まった08年にデビューしたキマグレン、flumpoolがライブを行ったほか、市原隼人(22)高岡蒼甫(27)城田優(23)らが出席。

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