Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mizobata Junpei

22 May 2009
Summer Drama

Good evening! !

I think many people already know this, but I'll be in a Getsu 9 drama from July onwards, which stars the cool Yamashita Tomohisa-san.

It's a story about management of a basketball club. I've begun practising basketball, today too I'll be heading for practice in the evening after work with the rest of the cast members and coach (^_^)v

It's the first time that I'm learning how to play proper basketball, these practices are really tough but fun. The atmosphere is enjoyable as men's conversations are taking place!! (^O^)

I will provide more information once the details are ironed out.

Tomorrow too, I will work hard for the filming of BOSS!! (*^o^*)

23 May 2009
It was hot!

Good evening! !

Tokyo was super hot today!! It was probably about 30℃ (^_^)v

Recently, I'm always in short sleeves and sandals! Feels like it's summer already (^_^)v Are the students already wearing their summer uniforms? Please give me an answer!

Tomorrow too, it's filming for BOSS!! I'll do my best (*^o^*)

That's me with a basketball in the photo!! Practising by myself at home↑

Now he always adds the "I'm now at home after work" / "At home by myself", lol.
We get it Junpei, you're not house hopping anymore ><


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