Thursday, March 06, 2008

Okiri, Okama & Ora

Johnny's no doubt, is responsible for the legions of squealing fans that chase after the boys. Today, I learned a new word オリキ (okiri) that would apply to me when I get to Tokyo. The word comes from the marrying of 追っかけ (chase) and 力 (strength). So as you can guess, it can refer to idol-chasers, groupies or the paparazzi. But enough with the kanji, on with the story.

So the story is Ikuta Toma and Hey Say Jump's Yamada Ryosuke are both now being chased by an exceptionally ardent okiri. The same one. And not just the usual kyaakyaa one, this one's a man. The report refers to him as okama (which could range in meaning from effeminate to gay to transvestite). He'll wait at the studio where Toma is filming from early morning, chewing gum and grinning. The staff at the studio shoos him away but he'll always turn up again. On the days he's not there, he's stalking Yamada. It's been going on every day, alternating between the two. Toma lives in a Johnny-rented apartment near the studio and he turns up there too. Johnny's Jimusho is supposedly considering taking legal action.

Next, on Okada Junichi. He's worried that he has 'no aura'. *cue kayashima music* He's known as a calm guy who doesn't get worked up much. But in an incident a few days back, he got really mad. He had to do some PR work at a television station and came in early. The staff had been informed beforehand that the usual practice of 顔パス (face pass) is enforced. It basically means you're let in because your face is already well-known. The guard at that time was an elderly man and he asked Junichi to show his visitor's pass. He replied that he is Okada. The guard asked him "Which Okada are you?" Junichi handed him a piece of paper with V6 written on it. The guard radioed in and asked "Are you expecting Okada-san of V roku ?" (roku = 6 in japanese ~haha) At that moment, Junichi shouted "How could it be V roku ?! It's V six !" The staff came running along and apologized profusely. Junichi said "I couldn't get in with a face pass, maybe I don't have the aura...."

No, I didn't make that up, but it sounds like some no-scoop reporter did :D


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