Wednesday, February 06, 2008

An Angry Post

This is going to be an altogether angry, inconsiderate, illogical and ungrateful post.

Today was not a good day. First I went to work and found my stationery in a mess. See, I keep them all in this remote control box. Markers and pens here. Hole-puncher there. Stapler and staples another slot. And all anally labelled with my name. Apparently whenever they decide to hire someone new, they're always illiterate and have no concept of personal property. They either borrow the stuff and later put them in anyhow, or don't even bother to put em back or worse, just make off with it. Today, it was all three. I was totally pissed but even then I have this revulsion for confrontations, bordering on phobia. So all I did was stuff the container in my cupboard and vow not to leave it around anymore.

Then I see that the papers I requested to be photocopied were not done. This is a problem because if I have to spend time doing it, then it'll take time away from doing my work and it just ripples on. Usually I do the photocopying on my own because if I just tell em I want this page to this page, the papers will come out all blackened on one side or all tilted because increasing the paper size to 122% to make it come out just nice has never occurred to anyone else in the years of producing the same blackened photocopies. Recently I was told that I could just submit one copy and the rest will be done. So I did. That way, I have less to do but it'll still turn out neat. The papers I left on Saturday were still in the exact same spot today, and on top of that other requests had come in and were not done. So I had to do it and of course it just pissed me off more and more as it took time off from what I was really supposed to be doing.

When it was time to go back, I had to lock the damned place up. For that they should pay me security fees as well as the clerical duties I just did today. I had to make sure all the air-conditioning and lights are off, lock and padlock the gate and door and after I did all that, I realized I was standing outside the office with my pink fuzzy bedroom slippers. F it. I had to open it all up again and exchange them with my sandals.

When I reached home, Grumpiggy told me someone commented on the Taiyou no Namida video, pointing out a wrong line. ふざけんなよ!Why don't you just say thanks for the other 20 correct lines, instead of nitpicking on a wrong one ? What the hell kinda bloody prick watches videos all drooling ready to pounce on a mistake ? Gimme a fucking break. I started studying Japanese on my own as a hobby barely 6 months ago from あいうえお. Doing these translations make me happy but I'm also a freakin perfectionist. I don't need anyone to point that one word out because I'm hard enough on myself as it is already. Mistakes or not, I labour over every word. If I need help, when I want it, I will ask for it. I'm not arrogant enough to think I don't need it but I will ASK for it. In the meanwhile, unless the video was posted under 'please help with the translations' title, just sit back and enjoy the music. So I better make it clear too, to anyone reading the translations here, they're bound to be mistakes although I slave over them. If you read them and like em, great. If you read and like and comment something pleasant, even better. If you read, don't have any opinion on it, okay too. If you read, hate them but continue reading, you're a sadist. If you read, hate them and feel the urge to write something vile, stop right there and find someone else to antagonize. Better still go offline and get a real punchbag.

Alrite. That's a load off. Okay, I actually do feel a little better. Well then, okay. When anyone spots mistakes in future translations, please feel free to tell me. Really. I'm asking for it now :) Actually I know I'm going a little ahead of myself doing all these things when my Japanese is really crappy but I'm doing all these just like exercises, for practice. It's more fun than 'At the airport' and 'A day out shopping' adventures of Mr Smith who just landed in Tokyo.

A disgruntled thank you to the mistake spotter. For being a petty bitch, gomen nasai.

To the stationery stealer at work, I've instructed my stapler to bite the next time you touch it.

To myself, stand up for yourself more and voice your frustration at work so you don't hafta go back and take it out on your sister, the monkey, your family, the poor keyboard and well-meaning people online :|

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