Saturday, January 02, 2010

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Happy New Year

1st January 2010 17:34


The me from last year
I've already forgotten about him [laugh]

Next, next line, next!

This year
It's the 10th year anniversary for Narimiya Hiroki

Even though it's the 10th anniversary
It doesn't feel that way
It seems like only 1 year has passed

For this year too,
douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu

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Narimiya Hiroki

31st December 2009 18:28

We're leaving this year behind
In about 5 hours...

Before the celebrations
I'll look back at the year

I had chances to meet many of you this year
Until then things were kept in me

Whenever there's any work or events,
you are there to support me

I am really really grateful

For having this type of year
It's my treasure
Above all, I am happy

This year too
There were new developments

A friend got married
And there was a parting from a close friend too

I can't really sort this year out yet
It's not easy to put it into words

I did my best this year with a smile

Thank you

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This has been Narimiya.


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