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Masterpiece Manga

Are there shojo manga that you read even when you're a working adult? Were there manga that were passed around among your friends, stories of romance and friendship that moved you? Cobs Online surveyed 722 working women about manga that had an effect on them, which made them yearn to be the main character, which manga they think is a masterpiece.

Masterpiece Manga (Women)
1. Hana Yori Dango 15.9%
2. NANA 11.1%
3. Versailles no Bara 6.8%
4. Nodame Cantabile 5.4%
5. Honey and Clover 4.6%
5. Hataraki Man 4.6%

Hana Yori Dango
・ My heart goes 'kyun' when I'm reading it. 25,Food R&D
・ "No way" I think while reading, but I read it all anyway. 24,Retail
・ I feel like I want it to happen to me, such a dreamy set-up. 25,Mass comm
・ I read it during my student days but I was engrossed in it again when it was made into a drama. 25,Retail

・ The plot development and character personalities are superb. 24,Medical
・ Nana's feelings are real. 23,Finance
・ The way a girl's feelings are shown is expertly done. 22,Social Welfare
・ All of Yazawa Ai's work are sure things! 23,Automobile

Versailles no Bara
・ It was thank to this that I became interested in Social Studies (History) in junior high and World History in high school. 24,Education
・ Her will to live is impressive, her courage overwhelming. 26,IT
・ I love it! It made me learn about history. 23,Medical

Nodame Cantabile
・ I'm surprised that music can be presented so well in a manga. She's not a girl who cannot do anything without a guy by her side, she perseveres on her own. 29,Government Admin
・ Because I love music. 27,Chemical R&D
・ It made classical music more accessible to me. 26,Trading

Hataraki Man
・ It portrays the worries and the growth of a working woman well. 31,Education
・ When I'm troubled at work, the main character's words save me. 24,Business

Honey and Clover
・ Heartrending. 28,Apparel
・ It's because I'm an adult now that reading this heartwarming manga reminds me of my first love. 26,Insurance

Cobs Online Survey 15th September 2009 ~ 28th September 2009 taken by 722 women

Masterpiece Manga (Men)
1. Dragon Ball 40.3%
2. Slam Dunk 39.2%
3. Touch 19.1%
4. ONE PIECE 15.5%
5. YuYu Hakusho 12.6%

Dragon Ball
・ It gave me dreams and hope. 27,Food R&D
・ It gives me the feeling of Boys=Adventure. It's interesting for everyone. 26,Communication
・ An unbelievable story that makes my heart pound. 24, Food Manufacture
・ I never get tired of it. It's great that there's more than one hero too. 24,Automobile.

Slam Dunk
・ There are many components to it, passion, heartrending moments and more. 29,Electrity
・ "If you give up, the game is over." That famous line is great. The rivalry is fascinating too. 26,Iron&Steel

・ It's got a good story. It's interesting to read even for adults. 31,Government Admin
・ It portrays youth perfectly. 23,Construction

・ It was interesting from the start so I continued. 22,Trading
・ Passionate friendship. 22,IT

YuYu Hakusho
・ The characters are fascinating. 22,IT
・ It's a manga that transcends generations. 25,Machinery

Cobs Online Survey 15th September 2009 ~ 28th September 2009 taken by 278 men


On Saturday, October 24, 2009 7:46:00 AM, OpenID cactuzoz wrote...

I've read all of the Masterpiece Manga (Men) except touch but only HYD for female part...eventhough I am a female ^ ^
Huhu, that make sense than, as all yuyu hakusho, sragon ball, one piece and slam dunk has been tranlated into my mother tongue.

Arigatou for the translation ^ ^


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