Tuesday, October 20, 2009

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Totally into it

19th October 2009 23:06

There's been continuous days of filming
I've been concentrating on it
Neglecting my blog...


There's no filming today
A piano teacher
came to my house

After practising for the event
I really got interested in it

I bought a piano on a whim [laugh]

From today it's a new tune
I'm practising Beethoven's 'Moonlight'

It's kind of depressing and ominous
But it has a lovely melody

There's just something about this piece, I like it

In-between memorizing scripts
I play the piano
Personally, the change of pace is helpful

Besides that
I've been watching Ugly Betty on DVD
Continuously today for 20 hours

Oh no

I'm totally hooked on it [laugh]
Now I'll continue watching the next half

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I found a compress that works [laugh]

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Well then

This has been Narimiya.

Only Narimiya can buy a piano on a whim...
I guess it's like me buying shoes?

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