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Akai Ito
DVD Release Promotion

28 May 2009

Minamisawa Nao and Mizobata Junpei; their thoughts on meeting by chance

[Cinema Today Movie News] Starring in the movie and drama series Akai Ito, Nao Minamisawa and Mizobata Junpei share their thoughts about fate encounters prior to the DVD release. The red thread that binds 2 people together as actors, Minamisawa and Mizobata, what are their fate encounters?

Akai Ito is the red thread that binds the fate of 2 people together... that's the romantic theme which everyone is familiar with, but it also includes serious topics. Minamisawa plays a role whose character parts from a close friend and experiences the death of another, which leaves her in an emotional turmoil. Due to circumstances at home, it was decided that she could not stay together with the person she likes, Atsushi, played by Mizobata. "Even if both parties were to get hurt, personally I would rather have a discussion because you never know, there could be other more favourable options. Playing this role, I had to cast those thoughts away," he said.

These type of fate encounters, have they experienced it? Minamisawa replied, "I think being talent scouted, and as a result being here right now in this (entertainment) world, was definitely a chance encounter." Mizobata echoes her thoughts, "I feel that destiny has led me to where I am now, being able to have this job. Given this opportunity, and being able to do what I do, I am very happy. I believe that fate gives rise to the situations surrounding us." Right now, with both of them focusing only on their work, it seems that meeting that fated someone will have to wait a little bit longer.

The cellphone novel had a total of 3.6 million hits before it was turned into a series of novels. The main crux of Akai Ito is the love story between two people bounded by fate. Set in a modern day high school, the drama depicts the realities of group dynamics. It is overwhelmingly popular among middle and high school students, and has led to breakthrough roles for the two leading actors. The pure character of the protagonist (Mei) makes you want to experience a destined encounter yourself.

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This is probably the last we'll hear of Akai Ito :(

Source: http://cinematoday.jp/page/N0018096

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