Sunday, May 03, 2009

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3 May 2009
An excursion?

Hello, "A" here!

Today too, we're continuing filming on location!

Morning's filming has ended, and it's time for lunch.


Team BOSS is really close. They're even together at lunch time.

It looks like they're out on an excursion.

KenKoba-san said to Mizobata-kun,

"Today Junpei isn't genki [upbeat], usually you're really noisy."

"Did something happen yesterday?" Tamayama-san joined in, laughing.

"Nothing of that sort~ I'm always the same," replied Junpei-kun.

Sitting at the side, Nukumizu-san was smiling.

Ah, when nobody's watching, is he a mysterious person!?

Who is it~?

In time, everyone will understand.

What? I don't get this post. I thought I was confused doing the translating, but when I checked on that blog's comments, the readers there are just as confused lol.
Junpei... is he the mysterious one? What's he doing late nights to make him tired for filming >< ?!

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