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5 February 2009
☆Reply Corner☆

Thank you for yesterday's comments (^ー^)♪

Without delay, I'll give reply to the questions that were posted (>∇<)

Please excuse me for being late m(__)m

Now, let's get started with someone who's familiar to this blog, Tanaka Koutaro-san.

『Jutta, you started this Question Corner!?


Yes I did
First of all, this!
Yoroshiku (^ー^)』

So, the one with exceptional smile has selected 3 questions (^∇^) (laugh)

Thank you very much ♪

Now, time to reply ♪

1. What type of girls do you like?
◎ The type that when you're near her, she doesn't seem to care much. Because otherwise, I'd be too tensed (laugh)

2. Do you have a girlfriend?
◎ Right now, I'm enjoying my work. Also, I want to be the best that I can. At this time, it's unimaginable to have a girlfriend.

3. Favourite food?
◎ My favourite food is omelet rice. I like it very much ♪

End of replies ~♪

That's the kind of impression (^∇^)v

There are still many questions, I'll answer them a few at a time (o^-')b

Perfect! I'm the type that doesn't care! Unmei da!!

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