Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Hana Yori Dango Final
Makino Family Trip

Bimbou Makino Family Wonderful Trip to Hong Kong and Macau.
- Scenes cut from TV version.
- F4 high stakes and quiz in Las Vegas, Hong Kong gourmet.
- Makino Tsukushi & F4 frank talk not seen in movie etc.

This was released on 26th November. Did anyone get it ? A Japanese fan posted about it on her blog. She said besides the DVD, there was nothing else inside it, like pamphlets, leaflets or anything like that. She actually wondered if she got conned into buying a fake (-_-;) And the list price is ¥3990, although she got it at ¥2952 after discount (That would be S$48.25, US$31.51 or €24.94 !). The running time is 80 minutes but she said it's shorter than that. In short, she's dissatisfied with it but of course is waiting for the DVD release. I hope the DVD extras are worth the price and the anticipation (^人^)


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