Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Oh ! My Girl Press Conference

Hayami Mokomichi : In the future "I'll be a doting parent." Drama Oh ! My Girl Press Conference

Actor Hayami Mokomichi (24), who plays the lead role in the drama Oh! My Girl (Nihon TV, starting on the 14th) attended its press conference in Tokyo on the 6th of October. His co-star is child actress Yoshida Riko (8). "I don't know if it's my strong point or not, but I like children. When I have children of my own, I'll be a doting parent," he said, revealing a surprising side to him.

The story begins when the mobile phone novelist Yamashita Kotaro (Mokomichi) is abruptly forced to live with his sister's (YOU) daughter, a famous child actress Sakurai Anzu (Yoshida).

"She's such a huggable princess. She told me,"Wow you're so tall." And we hit it off after that," Mokomichi said, surprised himself at how well they got along. About his own child-like side ? "I love figurines. When I enter a toy store, a switch gets flipped. Call it child-like or should I say I have the heart of a young boy," he said, to laughter. If his children were to enter the world of show business in the future ? "I'll give them as much support as I can. If the opportunity rises, I'd like to work with them too," he replied. Kato Rosa (23) plays the role of a new manager. "I want both a boy and a girl, so until I get one of each, I'd continue giving birth," she said, laughing.

Excerpts & Photos from Mainichi


Is that a real dog, sitting through the press conference ? It's cute. And Mokomichi, hot papa part 2 !

速水もこみち:将来は「親ばかになる」 ドラマ「オー!マイ・ガール」制作発表




 主人公が出入りする「週刊タイフーン」の編集長を演じる古田新太さん(42)は、友人の編集者を参考に役作りをしているそうで「おおむね早口の人が多い。なんだか忙しそう。間違っていなければ、それで押していこうと思っている」と話した。編集者役の岡田義徳さん(31)は「これまで比較的“いい人 ”の役が多かったですが、今回は下の者には強く、上の者には弱い意地悪な役。いつも電話をしているイメージがあるので、電話をしながらなにかしらしたいと思います。早口で」と、意気込みを語っていた。


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On Wednesday, October 08, 2008 7:22:00 PM, Anonymous Jen wrote...

This should be an interesting watch..Hayami-kun being a dad,wonder if he'll be as good as MatsuJun who acted quite well as a dad..^^


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