Friday, February 22, 2008

Mokomichi and Mizushima in new drama !

Yaho~ ! Ikemen paradise. Hayami Mokomichi and Mizushima Hiro in Fuji Terebi drama Zettai Kareshi, Tuesdays at 9, starting 8th April. The female lead is Aibu Saki, only seen her on Utahime recently, no particular feelings about her. But heck, she's gonna be the love interest of those 2 at the same time?! Enough to initiate self-combustion. Will definitely follow this closely. The title is still tentative, but once it's confirmed, I'll just put it up on the side in anticipation heh heh. For grumpiggy, I shall do occasional reports on Ryo beating up Masami in Last Friends too.

This runs after Hachikuro, maybe after this it'll leave a trail of the ikemen paradise boys ahead.

Sanspro article here.
Tokyograph here.

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