Monday, December 24, 2007

拝啓, 神様 [Haikei, Kami-sama]

God works in mysterious ways. In my case, as I meditate on his magnificent form, he speaks to me in Japanese.


20 December 2007
8:06 PM

Good mornight !
Yesterday I ate rice at home.
With Grandma ^ ^
After that, I met up with Jin to talk.
Eventually, I went to sleep at about 4 o'clock.
So now I'm at the place where I've finished work.
Ryo-chan and me, the two of us are drinking tea.
Ah, Shige and Koyama are also coming (*laughs*)


Haikei Kami-sama, I would like to be the hole in the wall wherever you were chatting with Jin. Or the shirt on your back. But then Jin would be in my line of sight for 4 whole hours. I don't know if my defences can withstand the sideways eyemouth I'm-too-seductive action poses for any longer than a minute actually. Or maybe he just reserves those for when cameras are around.


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