Sunday, December 12, 2010

Japan Trip 2010
Day 6

From Tokyo to Osaka

Took the Shinkansen to Shin-Osaka.

Celebrity lookalike spotting: Jutta Yuki (aka Kiba ^^)

We had huge luggage bags with us, so it was kinda crammed. But manageable.

Bought bento boxes for lunch from the train station. There's so many shops selling food, and they also sell bento boxes in the train, so no need to worry about getting hungry!



There were some great views out the window:

In 3 hours, we were in Osaka. Pulling our luggage bags through busy stations wasn't easy. We never knew we had such strength lol. What we noticed immediately about Osaka - bicycles. There's rows and rows of them along the streets. Gotta be extra careful walking with the cyclists around. We saw a lady in high-heeled boots and skirt with her LV bag in the bike basket cycling, very skilful!

Rested at the hotel, then out for dinner.


[Clam soba = 600Y]

And to celebrate our arrival in Osaka - takoyaki!

[12 takoyaki = 500Y]


On Tuesday, December 21, 2010 9:56:00 AM, Anonymous Jen wrote...

Ohhh..I know the feeling of dragging your heavy luggage through the busy streets in Japan.

Been there, done that. Not fun! hahaha. My arms were really aching after that.

Anyways, really nice views and foods too.Love it guys!!


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