Friday, December 10, 2010

Japan Trip 2010
Day 5

Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Midtown and Tokyo Dome

Lunch at a Kaiten-zushi Oedo (sushi on conveyor belt). 136Y per plate. 136Y for the miso soup too.

There were a few types of salmon nigiri - grilled, raw, shabu-shabu, marinade... ate them all :)
[15 plates + 2 miso soup = 2312Y]

Then to the nearby Ikebukuro Libro.

Promotional posters up!

There was a panel on the evolution of Hello Kitty, this one's my favourite.

Next, to Tokyo Tower. There was a long queue for the observatory, so we skipped that.

"The Japanese must eat the fish!"

Went into the mall, rested at McDonald's.
[Cappucino + McFlurry + Fries = 860Y]
The McFlurry, there were bits of chocolate cake in it - weird tasting cos they ended up all soggy. And there's no chilli sauce to dip the fries in.
unleash had taken a free newspaper, there was a feature on illuminations around Tokyo. One pic caught our attention, the one at Tokyo Dome. So we added it to our itinerary. We didn't know the train station to the dome, so we asked the girls beside us. Got our answer, said our thanks and went on our way.

Before Tokyo Dome, to Tokyo Midtown first.

Lights came on exactly at 5pm.

Aww... how romantic.

Final stop for the day: Tokyo Dome.
As we walked up the steps, I thought I heard Arashi. Didn't recognize the song (actually throughout our walk around the dome area we didn't recognize a single song lol), but it just sounded so Arashi. Then we realized why we've been seeing so many ladies (of all ages - toddlers to grannies) carrying Arashi bags, it's their concert and the goods were lined up outside in tents.

We walked from behind this panel, I thought there was a crowd because there's a screen showing snippets of the concert. No, it's just that Arashi board.

I joined the crowd too, lol.

We bought a bag [1000Y] and 2 folders [500Y each] - one of all the members and a MatsuJun one. No carrier bag, no receipt. I guess everyone's suppose to advertise that bag.

Around the dome there were girls singing along and a few dancing to the concert inside. Could hear the shrieks from inside the dome as we walked *8*

Moving away from the singing and dancing girls, we wanted to see the illuminations.

Dinner at Festa Cafe after all that walking.
[Chilli dog + Mushroom pasta + Royal milk tea + Matcha milk tea = 1620Y]


On Tuesday, December 14, 2010 7:02:00 AM, Blogger Yuh ♥ wrote...

Aaawn! Hiro's book!
Arashi's concert! *-*
And so many beautifull places! *-*


On Tuesday, December 21, 2010 10:10:00 AM, Anonymous Jen wrote...

OMG!U guys were at Araashi's concert venue??!! soo lucky!

Argghh...next time must catch Arashi in concert! hahaha


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