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Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge
Vol. 09 Report

'Yamanade' x LOTTE Ghana Chocolate Collaboration CM

How's everyone getting along?
Today Team 'Yamanade' is doing editing work.
Episode 1 is already complete... so let's do a preview.
Those impressions... actually that will be in another report on another day!

Everyone, did you watch the 'Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge' with Lotte Ghana Chocolate collaboration CM on the TV news programmes~?

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Sunako's friend Josephine who's usually in her room ♪

It was only in 2010 when the collaboration CM was practised for filming on 'Yamanade'. Filming began at midnight on the 4th, it was a very tight schedule for an opening day, but Kamenashi-kun and Aya-chan were in full power mode!! (Definitely their youth!) Laughter continued throughout the filming. Using the set where Kyohei and the guys live, the flavour of the drama is not lost in the CM.

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Aya-chan has a serious expression on her face. The reason is...??

Kamenashi-kun hastens the filming up by discussing each part of the storyboard with the CM director.

Kamenashi-kun: Appearing behind Sunako, this way?
Director: That'll be good.
Kamenashi-kun: The "What's she doing?" type of feeling?
Director: Yes, yes. "She's holding a knife! What's she doing with that?" kind of curiosity.

The director continued to discuss in detail his vision for the scenes.

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She's concentrating for the scene where she cuts the chocolate!

Then, one of the highlights of the drama, an action scene with the 2 of them are also included! The stunt coordinator (Tsujii-san) taught them their moves...

Tsujii-san: It's like you're raising your foot.
Aya-chan: This way?
Tsujii-san: That's right.
Kamenashi-kun: Sunako (Aya-chan) has long limbs naa.
Tsujii-san: Kamenashi-kun will move at the same time, so don't wait, give your maximum ne.
Aya-chan: Okay.
Tsujii-san: With a serious look.
Aya-chan: Seriously.
Kamenashi-kun: I'll be alright as long as Sunako follows the instructions.
Tsujii-san: Skillfully keep your distance from her.
Aya-chan: I'll do my best.
Director: Make it fun. Do it with rhythm!

To remember the moves, the 2 of them practised many times over before filming. They understood the scene after they were instructed the first time round. Aya-chan's actions, combined with Kamenashi-kun's reaction, woke the sleepy Web staff up (It's a secret that we were sleepy). As was expected!

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During filming; Sunako's back.

Valentine falls during the period of this drama. Kamenashi-kun commented on what he will look forward to, "There are many guys on the set, but Omasa-san will also be around. So I hope to have a new Valentine memory this year." As for Aya-chan, "Every year, I prepare chocolates for friends. This year, there are many guys in the drama. I wonder if I should have expectations for reverse chocolate?"

There's horror, action and even a scene of homemade chocolate being prepared... The 'Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge' x LOTTE Ghana Chocolate collaboration CM will be on-air from 12th January onwards on TBS. The CM music is the same as the drama's theme song, KAT_TUN's 'Love yourself ~Kimi ga Kirai na Kimi ga Suki~'. Everyone, look forward to it!!!


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