Saturday, September 26, 2009

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Tokyo DOGS

23rd September 2009 23:32

For the whole of yesterday
It was filming for Getsu 9

Woke up at 4am...
It was still completely dark (^^;

For Getsu 9's Tokyo DOGS,
This guy is in the lead role behind-the-scenes

The 3-year-old Kosuke-kun

It's the mascot dog
Which provides a comforting effect at filming locations

A really cute fellow (*^_^*)

I was overtaken by hunger
At Yokohama's Chinatown

I had steamed pork bun!

I wanted to take a walk around Chinatown
But there was too many people because of the holidays
So I felt the atmosphere while sitting in the car

When I eat steamed buns
I'm always reminded
Of a favourite one

551's steamed pork buns and shao-mais (meat dumplings)
I want to eat them

They're really the best!!

When I return home I'll make an order online
That's what I usually think of at the time

In the dead of night around my home area
Very quietly
Under secrecy

I did All Up

It was short
But it was fun at the location

It airs on 19 October
Don't forget to watch it

Me for today

Today my day ended quite early (^_^)v

For tomorrow too everyone
Good things are waiting to happen (^^)/

It been a while since I used emoticons

This has been Narimiya.

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