Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gospel #1653

I haven't done this in awhile. Lost my source, found another one, then tried to replace Yamapi with Shige. Was besotted when I heard that he carries an electronic dictionary around. Haha~ Yappari, Yamapi is hard to get rid of though. So from this entry on, I'll trudge forward.

26th February 2008
8:03 PM

Konbachiwa !
Today I had a test !
I, with all my might, did my best !
Regaining half a year's work is almost impossible ! (*laugh*)

If possible, I want to graduate within 4 years !
Hope I can do it !

Today throughout the day, I was thinking in my head 80% of the time !


Lately, the gossip pages have been commenting that there's a high possibility he's going to be repeating a year. On the other hand, Meiji would prefer he graduate as he was featured in their brochure. Kurosagi opens on the 8th of March, graduates will be announced on the 10th. So till then, the rumours would probably just come daily. Yes, I know gossip is the source of all earthly evil but I don't smoke or drink so it's my choice of poison.

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