Thursday, September 09, 2010

Sato Takeru
Deep Admiration for Fukatsu Eri

9th September 2010

On the 9th, actor Sato Takeru (21) attended the new CM presentation for AceCook's 'JANJAN Fried Soba Sauce'. He spoke about Fukatsu Eri, a senior at his agency who had just won best actress at the 34th Montreal Film Festival.

Fukatsu was the actress whom he had often looked up to since he was in middle school, "Comedies suited her but she was also lovely." His first impressions when he met her? "It was too obvious..." he said bashfully.

Regarding the prize, he commented, "It's exciting that a Japanese actress won this coveted award, and I'm very happy as she's an actress I respect, congratulations. If someday I'm able to win an award just like that, I'll be ecstatic." Reporters also asked "Maybe you like her too much?" In a soft voice, Takeru replied embarrassingly, "Yes."

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Takeru and Miura share / have matching jackets? How sweet~

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