Saturday, February 06, 2010

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Meal for One

5th February 2010 11:12

I decided to have a meal at home
To the supermarket for supplies

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Vapour surrounded the vegetables
Soothing to tired eyes

The vegetables section
It's like art ne

I really wanted to eat watercress
I bought it

Right now I'm on a diet
But I've accomplished a great deal at work
So for today
It's pasta

I was in the supermarket for about 1 hour
It was tiring walking around
I wanted to eat caviar
So I bought it

I bought 2 cans
For caviar pasta

I also bought clams
Because caviar and clams taste good together as a soup

Ta da!

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Caviar pasta with clam soup

Only salt is used for seasoning

Partially boiled egg is added to the caviar pasta
EggxEgg [laugh]

Watched 3 movies as I
ate messily with a spoon

It's been a while
Since I cooked for myself

Spending on food
It's good sometimes ne

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This has been Narimiya.

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