Monday, August 17, 2009

Koishite Akuma
Episode 7 Preview

From the way Ruka played the piano, Makoto instinctively felt that he was Ayumu. But Ruka continues to avoid Makoto who is trying to find out the truth. Kaito told Ruka that if he were to be honest with her, she would only be too happy to offer herself to him. "The only way you can show your love to her is by sucking her blood," urged Kaito, with a resolve he keeps to himself.

On the other hand, even with an engagement ring from Fuji, Makoto remains distracted. Troubled over finding out if Ruka really is Ayumu, finally she...?

In the end, with no choice but to admit he is Ayumu, Ruka confesses to Makoto.
But right after that, an unexpected "incident" befalls the two of them...!!


From Koishite Akuma Official Blog

A conversation between Nemoto (staff member) and Yuma-kun the other day.

Nemoto : The gyoza in Shinjo is delicious ne.
Yuma-kun : You've eaten them, Nemoto-san?
Nemoto : Yes. Eh? You haven't, Yuma-kun?
Yuma-kun : No.
Nemoto : Rosa-san, Ito Shiro-san, Horiuchi-san, Shintaro-kun, everyone kept saying how delicious they are, really good ne~
Yuma-kun : Is it... I want to eat them na...
To be continued...

There has been many enquiries for the recipe of the "Shinjo's Gyoza" that Yuma-kun wants to eat so next time I'll put it up.

A conversation between Nemoto (staff member) and Yuma-kun the other day. Continuation.

Yuma-kun : I'll definitely eat them this time!
Nemoto : It's fine even if you don't eat them right?
Yuma-kun : Eeeeeh, why's that??
Nemoto : Well, you're a vampire.
Yuma-kun : ... Arienai ...

So said Nemoto who helped with creating the roles.

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